Term Life Insurance Quotes

OmniMed is a division of Insuring Income. Both companies are owned by Joe Capone and Rick Warren. Note that for some of the life insurance tools you will be brought to insuringincome.com.

Click Compare Now and you will see instant life insurance quotes and all term life insurance quotes from all carriers. Once you identify the term life plan that you want, click through to get the process started. The page will redirect to the Term LifeĀ Easy APPLICATIONĀ and you can be done in as little as 5 minutes. ABILITY TO APPLY for life insurance online! We will also email the link to start the process for those that are short on time or want to think it over.



One of the only places where you can get term life insurance quotes and have the application process started within 10 minutes. No other forms to sign and no phone call or meeting needed. Click through to get started. OmniMed is a division of Insuring Income. Quotes are ran here from our primary tool at insuringincome.com. If you click through to apply you will be redirected to insuringincome.com. That is by design.


Our rate calculator also includes the Waiver of Premium rider for all carriers.

Not many other quote tools allow for this.


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