Financial Advice For Doctors

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May 16, 2011
July 31, 2011

Financial Advice For Doctors

Life and Disability Insurance for Physicians and Dentists

Mission Statement – We help physicians, dentists, business owners, and other professionals to plan for today and tomorrow, managing current business and personal finances in the most tax-effective fashion possible while implementing plans to ensure that long-term goals are attained.  No matter what the topic, Omnimed provides financial advice for doctors.

Whether you are an individual practitioner that owns and runs a small practice, or a physician or a dentist that is employed in a large group or hospital, OmniMed offers resources that can put you in a better position to succeed.  You have worked hard to get to where you are, but chances are, your training did not include the things that we specialize in.  We also work with residents and fellows throughout the country to help to get on the right track to live a meaningful and successful life as a healthcare professional.  We provide financial advice for doctors.

Contact us today to setup a complimentary financial review or to discuss strategies for building and protecting wealth and for other financial advice for doctors.

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OmniMed Financial & Insurance provides financial advice for doctors.  This includes disability insurance for doctors. Through the financial process, OmniMed assists clients with all things financial in an effort to integrate the many aspects of their “personal economy” into a unified strategy. Our team of professionals has decades of experience in every dimension of financial advice for doctors. Working in close collaboration with our clients and their legal and accounting services, OmniMed Financial & Insurance provides the protection and planning strategies necessary to help build and preserve wealth.

We understand that there are specific strategies that should be called on when providing financial advice to doctors. We have found that it is only through specializing in working with physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals, that we are able to keep clients up to date with the many changing facets of healthcare.

Today, more and more consumers/investors are looking for one financial professional to manage all of their financial needs. Through partnering with Park Avenue Securities, our retail broker-dealer, we can provide clients with investment strategies to meet their unique and ever changing needs.

In terms of protection strategies, OmniMed is a leader in implementing specialized own occupation disability insurance for physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals. With wording and contract language nuances being so critical when implementing these insurance policies, we work hard to keep current with all of the options that are available in the marketplace, while understanding the subtle differences between all of them. Each medical or dental specialty may have a different contract, offered by a different company, that stands out above the competition.  This is one component of specialized financial advice for doctors.

With life insurance being a valuable component of our client’s personal and business financial strategy, we assist clients with implementing the most appropriate options. OmniMed has knowledge and experience in implementing Term Life insurance and Whole Life insurance as a component of our client’s long term financial strategies.

We are headquartered at 81 Tilden Road in Marshfield, MA and works with clients throughout the country.