Download the “New Physician’s Guide to Personal Finance”

Joe Capone, ChFC®, LUTCF
March 29, 2013
Download “Disability Insurance for Physicians and Dentists” Content
June 13, 2013

Download the “New Physician’s Guide to Personal Finance”

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Download the New Physician’s Guide to Personal Finance


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The doctors that we meet commonly wonder how they should budget their money when they sign a contract and start a new job. We also hear residents talking about what they should do with student loans, disability insurance, and other things. Should I wait? Should I do it now? If you would like some insight, please feel free to take us up on the offer to help.  We know that physicians value quality resources.  This report is meant to help to answer some questions that physicians have.  Enjoy!



Disability insurance policies and availability varies by state. Providing other states that you could live or work in in the next 12 months can help us to quote the best options for you.