Adventures in Medicine – Discover Your Path to Success

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March 18, 2013
Joe Capone, ChFC®, LUTCF
March 29, 2013

Adventures in Medicine – Discover Your Path to Success

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adventures in medicine

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What can you expect to find in this unique resource for physicians?

Adventures in Medicine is a 212 page results-oriented guidebook written to lead graduating residents through the steps of choosing a position, and includes lots of career advice for resident physicians:

  • An engaging, easy-to-read, skimmable format.
  • A job search timeline including an action checklist.
  • Information on compensation packages including data on where the most lucrative positions are located.
  • Position search strategies with a focus on timing.
  • Step-by-step guidelines on the interview and hiring process.
  • Advice on job selection, including how to choose the best fit and how to prioritize offers.
  • Contract negotiation tips including information on working with an attorney.








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