Disability Insurance for Physicians

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September 5, 2013
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Disability Insurance for Physicians

Own Occupation Disability Insurance for Physicians

doctor at computerDisability Insurance for Doctors. It can be the best way to deal with the risk of being too sick or hurt to work as a Physician. You possess the ability to earn a nice income for the remainder of your working years as a direct “reward” for the investment that you made to get to where you are. Regardless of the specific statistical likelihood of becoming disabled, the fact is that it presents one of the largest threats to the long term financial well-being of a Physician (Disability insurance can also protect your ability to earn an income within your specialty).
We work with Physicians to review options for implementing an income protection program that puts them in the best position to deal with the consequences of being unable to earn an income within their occupation.
Over the last couple of decades, the disability insurance for Physicians marketplace has become so highly specialized that it has consolidated itself among a relatively few number of companies that offer a competitive product. That makes choosing a top company to work with easier, but you still need to be able to navigate between them to determine which has the best policy available for your situation.

Financial Ratings

A disability could strike at any time – now, or 20 years from now – so it is important that your disability insurer have the financial strength and stability to weather the worst of economic storms. Companies rate ‘A=’ or better by A.M. Best demonstrate the greatest financial strength to withstand bad economic conditions.

Occupational Definition

You need a policy that will not only replace your income, but also protect your specialty. At a minimum you need an “own occupation” policy that will pay benefits in the event you are unable to perform any of the specific duties of your occupation. The devil is in the details of these definitions, so make sure it is the broadest definition available.

Occupational Classification

Each company weighs the same set of factors when pricing their policies – gender, specialty, geographic location, age, income, health, and employment status. But each has its own set of criteria and formulas. Be sure to check each company that offers disability insurance. We can help you to review all possible options.

Guaranteed Renewable and Non-Cancellable

All of the top insurers offer policies that are guaranteed renewable and non-cancellable. But, again, the devil is in the details. Look for hidden conditions that might allow an insurer to raise your premium or cancel your policy. Also look for exclusions that might apply in your health situation.

Partial Disability

Statistically, you are more likely to become partially disabled than totally disabled. Most of the top insurers offer a residual or partial disability benefit. A benefit payable on the dollar amount of lost income is better than a policy that pays based on a percentage of income loss.
Finally, it is advisable to work with a disability insurance specialist who is knowledgeable and who has access to most of the top-rated insurers that offer disability insurance for Physicians.


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