Rick and Joe believe that there are a lot of financial advisors and insurance agents out there that are just trying to sell whatever their home company has to offer. This could be out of pressure from sales managers or it could be due to the requirements of their agent contract. Possibly even worse it could simply be from the agent or broker having little experience with financial strategies. When the financial training is created by the insurance company there is of course going to be biases that are inherent in the delivery of the information. Our business is built on the belief that the vast majority of people should not be purchasing permanent life insurance (Whole Life, Universal Life with cash value, Indexed Universal Life with cash value, etc.). We will of course use these products in the right scenario but since these scenarios are presented to us less than 1% of the time, we can say that term life insurance is the basis to what we do with life insurance.

We assist people that want to protect their family or business in the case of premature death by helping them to find a policy from an A rated or better (AM Best) company. We work with them to make sure that the health class approval is shopped so that we know that we are only dealing with the lowest possible premiums.

We also believe that Physicians and Dentists (and other professionals) need to be careful when reviewing options for Individual Long Term Disability Insurance (typically looking at an elimination period of 90 days and a benefit period of "to age 65" or "to age 67"). We find that lots of Physicians and Dentists purchase the policy that they intend to have throughout their career during residency. We also find that it is not uncommon for there to be an insurance agent or a bunch of agents that "roam the halls" in that hospital. Maybe they live close to the hospital and maybe they see physicians as being a good target to sell additional products such as front loaded mutual funds, whole life insurance, annuities, etc. For that reason they spend time in the hospitals. The problem with this is that there is no real way to vet the people that come in. Physicians commonly purchase the "home company" policy that the agent or planner is pushing.

Without a proper side by side analysis that legitimately takes into account all companies that offer specialty specific disability insurance for physicians and dentists, a decision should not be made. We have built various side by side comparison tools to aid in this process.

When doctors approach us for quotes they are going to get a complete analysis in email that they can process on their own time. The people that we work with enjoy detail that goes into our analysis, they like our instant term life insurance quote system that also allows someone to apply online, and they enjoy our approach.

We invite you to fill out a form to request disability insurance quotes or to run some instant life insurance quotes (no personal information required to get the data). We hope to call you a client at some point.




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