Life Insurance is not a Disposable Product

“Don’t worry about it. We can always get another one.”  (Or maybe not…) We live in an increasingly disposable consumer culture. Many products, from razors to writing instruments, are designed to be used and thrown out – refills and maintenance are too much of a hassle. If something breaks, it’s often cheaper to buy a […]

25 Money Mistakes (in no particular order)

      Procrastinating about financial decisions.       Having goals that are too general, undefined, or unrealistic.       Not having a plan, or having one that won’t work.       Ignoring the effect of taxes in your plan.       Going uninsured against death, disability, and liability.       Ignoring cost of living inflation in your plans.       Being overweighted […]

Nuclear Family Financial Models, Extended Family Realities

          Look at this picture of the silver-haired couple. It is a stock photo, one that could be used as the advertising background for any number of products or services. But since this is a newsletter about personal financial issues, what topic is most likely associated with this image? Can you […]

Financial Advice For Doctors

Financial and Career advice for doctors Mission Statement – We help physicians, dentists, business owners, and other professionals to plan for today and tomorrow, managing current business and personal finances in the most tax-effective fashion possible while implementing plans to ensure that long-term goals are attained.  No matter what the topic, Omnimed provides financial advice […]


OmniMed Financial & Insurance assists individuals, their families, and business owners in gaining control of their financial futures. We will analyze the broad scope of your life situation and create a unified plan designed to not only meet your needs but also fulfill your dreams. Individual, Family, and Business-Owner Planning Services include: Family Security Estate […]

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