1.       Procrastinating about financial decisions.
  2.       Having goals that are too general, undefined, or unrealistic.
  3.       Not having a plan, or having one that won’t work.
  4.       Ignoring the effect of taxes in your plan.
  5.       Going uninsured against death, disability, and liability.
  6.       Ignoring cost of living inflation in your plans.
  7.       Being overweighted in the current fad (tech stocks).
  8.       Making decisions based on emotion (fear and greed).
  9.       Wanting to do it yourself to save a few bucks.
  10.       Being too conservative or aggressive.
  11.       Not understanding the concept of asset allocation.
  12.       Concentration rather than diversification.
  13.       Placing bets on hot companies (stock tips & speculating vs. investing).
  14.       Being overly influenced by others (friends & family).
  15.       Placing market timing bets (speculating vs. investing).
  16.       Failure to take profits or cut losses.
  17.       Idle assets (having too much in cash).
  18.       Assuming things will just work themselves out.
  19.       Demanding immediate results and satisfaction.
  20.       Wanting everything guaranteed.
  21.       Lack of spending/savings/investment discipline.
  22.       Thinking that any person, firm, or magazine knows where any market, or security, is going, and when.
  23.       Not understanding the many problems with money.
  24.       Over-reliance on expected inheritances, promotions, business ventures, marriages, winning the lottery, etc.
  25.         Wanting something for nothing.


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